Echobot Future

A short 3D explainer video that presents useful information in a simple and understandable way, about the benefits of “Echobot”. Here we wanted to show all the benefits by presenting them as superpowers.

We have our main hero who uses these superpowers of Echobot and can manage the sales and marketing departments in a simple and easy way.

Step 1

Create Character

First I modeled the main character and then prepared the rigging for him. This is a technique of using a skeleton, through the model and then adding controls to those bones where they help bring movement to the character.

Step 2

Define Story

I also used the morphing technique for the facial expressions and avoided bone rigging the face in this case. As in this project the concept didn’t need too many facial expressions and not something extreme. Of course I had prepared the appropriate controllers here as well to make the animation faster and easier to produce.

Step 3

Create Morphs

The whole project was done in C4d – modeling , animtion , rigging , morphing , texturing , lighting and rendering with Octane engine. Sound editing and final compositing was done in After effects.