Life Happens

This cool little project started as a concept for an insurance company to explain that mishaps happen all the time, so it is better to get-safe.

A combination of 3D Animation and Motion Graphics

I had this amazing idea of “Pipol” (which incase you missed it, is a “derp-ification” of the word “people”). This idea is about everyday personas that happen to break their stuff all the time via unexpected situations and in order to be on the safe side, it is always better to get-safe as in get an insurance. Kinda what happens in real life.

“Pipols” is a concept about everyday mishaps, represented in a comical yet pragmatic way.
Soo ”Pipols”, are the protagonists, one for each type of insurance scenario.
Each character can represent a specific target audience where potential leads Identifies will with ”Pipol”.

A form of Motion-Design that has Character in it.

3D animation is already mature enough for companies to use, due to advancements in technology and easy tools, however it is not meant for everyone since it takes years to learn and even more years to master.

This extra dimension has such depth and complexity in its tools that it simply makes us happy to get 2D tasks due to the simple of their nature, and thus a good designer in my opinion has to have a good subset of skills will allow his designs to hit that “wow”-factor.

3D is a Game-Changer

Although I could have easily gone with 2D Animations with simple use of Pupet-tool, I chose to do the extra step and bring it to life in 3D which in my opinion is a way more effective as a decisive factor than simple, “minimal” 2D. We all started from that step and it has been milked so much that it doesn’t attract anymore.

2D is slowly dieing, or even better, it is slowly and naturally evolving into 3D, with companies striving for user-engagement and the users’ self-identification with the product.

3D is not for everyone

Let’s not forget that by creating a 3D Short you have theoretically allready achieved a Faux-2D short by knowing your render options, which is orders of magnitude better due to movements being more organic and not “paper-like”. But I can have fun with both. 🙂